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We designed the most performant outreach system on the market. Get the keys to your 75 meetings/week machine. We do it for you or teach you how to scale cold email :)

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List Building
We guide you in managing and segmenting your email list, ensuring your cold emails reach the most relevant audience.

Our insights into crafting persuasive cold emails will help you streamline your campaigns and effectively reach your audience.

Audience research
We take you through the process of understanding your audience better, creating compelling content, and analyzing campaign performance.

A/B Testing
Learn how to run A/B tests on your email campaigns and determine what resonates best with your audience.


Done for you cold email (DFY) is 1.5k/month (usually 2k). We also have deals if you decide to go for 3 months for 4k. We also have a done by you service that is cheaper, it costs 1k/month or 2.7k/3 months. This quote is valid for max 2 weeks as I change my prices in this timeframe.

We send approx 300+ emails a day and typically 2-5 meetings per month (1.5X scalable/m).

You'd have a team of 4+ working for you:
  • Copywriter(s)
  • Researcher / List Builder
  • Customer Success Manager
  • Consultant
  • (CEO me in background)

We offer a full setup under your own account. We build your full scalable cold email system. You just need to pay for software fees (approx 100$/month), but if we decide to part ways, you are left with a fully scalable cold e-mailing system allowing you to reach 10k+ contacts per month and generate 10+ meets/month.

Here are some video testimonials for you:

Written testimonials, which you can also see on my linkedin: 

And results: 
  • Tim of Loop.Club CEO of a TikTok Agency - 100+ meetings/month on month 3.
  • Kai, CMO @ NADMED (biotech), 10+ leads in 1st month
  • Michelle CEO of a cybersecurity firm: 10 meetings in 1 month.
  • Guillaume CEO of an agency: 17 meetings in 2 months. 
  • Marshall, CEO of referral marketing agency Nymo, closed 4+ meetings we generated for him in 2 months.
  • Shelley CEO of an HR firm. 39 Qualified Meetings in 2 months. 
  • Francois Germain, CEO of an app development firm - 19 meetings in 2 months.

Our process/timeline: 

  1. Sending the quote, contract, and creative brief to fill 
  2. Kickstart with the team
  3. Scripts handed in less than 48hrs
  4. Weekly Data Reports
  5. Weekly Contacts Info Sent (name, email, phone numbers, LinkedIn profile, etc.) 
  6. Biweekly strategy calls with the team
Here are some samples of copy that my team wrote recently:    

For the next steps, I could share the creative brief to fill, to kickstart the process.

You can book another call here:

Reach product market fit.
Discover how to use automated outreach techniques to elevate your business to new heights. Engage customers with personalized content and effortlessly drive conversions.

Podcast Outreach Technique
Expand your reach and maximize your sales potential by connecting your podcast to the power of cold email marketing.

Create partnerships
Discover Personalized Email Solutions Tailored to Your Business Needs
Unlock the Secrets of Customer Engagement with Our Proven Techniques
Get a Sneak Peek into Your Sales Performance with Advanced Analytics


DFY Cold Email



Your basic Cold-email service. We search the ideal contacts for you. Find your ICP. Establish demographics + psychographics.

4 sequences sent/month
4 weekly reports / 2 bimonthly consultancy meetings
✓ Estimated 3 meets/month, growing at a 1.5X rate/month

Our Team

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Charles Cormier


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Sam Lemdasni


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Hassna Badaoui

Customer Success Manager


If you are looking for someone who plays the rules and will provide solutions that you have already thought of then you probably came to the wrong place. Charles isn’t just a brilliant one trick pony entrepreneur but innovative in every approach he pursues. He’s forward thinking and always trying to push the boundaries for high growth opportunities. If you are an entrepreneur like me who needs guidance then look no further Charles Cormier.

Alex Sunshine

CEO at Sunrise Agency

Charles is constantly learning and innovating at the cutting edge of outbound including a strong understanding of all elements of a blended omni channel strategy. I'd describe him as an endless source of creative and practical ways to generate demand for his clients and partners. He understands effective cold email but also podcasting, networking and all the often hidden channels to get a campaign to perform. I'd highly recommend him to drive you business with his unique approach.

Justin Michael

#1 tech-enabled SDR Coach

Charles is a highly skilled cold email marketer who brings significant value to organizations looking to scale b2b leads. Over the past year, I have had the pleasure of working with Charles on several campaigns and have been consistently impressed by his expertise and attention to detail.

Tyler Rhodes

Director at Gr0, LA's #1 Ads Agency