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Get Expert Advice and Guidance in Setting Up an Automated Cold Outreach Lead Engine and Unlock the Power of

We work primarily with SaaS startups around their GTM strategy, and help companies set up their first outbound motions. will work with you to understand your business, ICPs, competitors, messaging, content, personas, etc. and partner to setup a strategic and automated outbound engine using

Get onboarding help, have an instance setup and managed for you, or optimize your existing instance. can also layer in outsourced SDR services to manage the day to day lead follow up to nurture/qualify leads and book demos.

Services Setup, Done for you as a Service. Outsourced SDR add on optional.

  • 1 hour consult call to understand your sales process, tech stack, ICPs, Personas, Messaging, Content, etc.; or share any GTM materials you have already. We can help guide you through this process if needed.
  • will come up with a plan to bring all of this to life in 2nd call to get alignment proposed plan before setup. 

Initial custom setup and ongoing support, including:
  • Buyer personas
  • Lists - Account, Contacts
  • Custom Scoring Models (Accounts, Contacts)
  • Personalized, targeted Sequences for different personas/lists with A/B testing of subject lines, messages, offers (you write; or we can if needed keeping in mind your brand/tone and our experience on industry best practices)
  • Integration with Hubspot, other CRM
  • Plays (automations) to ensure constant lead flow and data quality, hygiene
  • Reporting setup to track and measure ROI
  • Continued fine-tuning, troubleshooting, consult. Weekly check in/strategy calls (optional); reporting, recommendations, ongoing support.
  • Manage all replies yourself, or add on outsourced SDR services through (email, phone, LinkedIn) to nurture/qualify leads and book demos.
  • We can also set up additional cold email domains/mailboxes with proper DNS, warming to ensure deliverability and protect your main domain.

Cold Email Domain Setup, Warming

  • Domain Setup, Transfer
  • Google Workspace Setup and Configuration (2 Mailboxes per domain)
  • Email Deliverability Setup and Configuration (DNS - MX, SPF, DKIM, DMARC), Apollo custom tracking subdomain
  • Email and Domain Forwarding; Central Inbox with "reply from" 
  • Email Warmup

Consulting -, B2B SaaS Sales, Marketing

Book an hour call anytime to troubleshoot, optimize, setup, strategize about all things and outbound sales/marketing for B2B SaaS companies

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Jeremy Hurley



Before partnering with Jeremy, we had been utilizing for 12 months, thinking we were fully leveraging its capabilities. However, Jeremy revealed a whole new level of potential. His deep understanding of Apollo and expertise in crafting outbound engines are exceptional - with the right blend of personalization/customization and scalability. Since Jeremy came on board, our success in booking meetings with targeted personas and accounts has skyrocketed. His insights have not only met but exceeded our expectations, driving significant growth for our business. We wholeheartedly recommend Jeremy to any organization aiming to maximize their use of Apollo. His input has been a game-changer for us.

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David Larter

Founder, Jolly