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Advanced lead prospecting generation coupled with next-generation customer segmentation and customer data profiles (CDPs) powered by machine learning models trained to intelligently grade prospects based on conversion probabilities and segment them into the appropriate conversion channel and campaign to deliver valuable content that nurtures, nudges, and converts quickly.


Intelligent Lead Prospecting

Generating prospects that make sense and clearly fit your target market.

Next-gen Customer Segmentation and Data Profiling with Machine Learning

The extra step of prospecting leads is to segment them and build your brand your own proprietary database of customer data profiles. We do this by training our machine learning models to identify correlations between prospects and top revenue-generating customers, enabling us the ability to intelligently prioritize prospects and segment them into the appropriate group making sure your leads and customers receive personalized, on-brand messaging that incentivizes loyalty and sales.

Powerful campaign automations

Our deep customer segmentation and data profiling afford us the business intelligence to personalize campaign automation to a high level of granularity.  We ensure the right message gets received by prospects at the right time, through the right channel, and with the right content that quickly converts them into loyal customers.

High-performing conversion funnels and Value Content

We create high-performing conversion funnels that nurture, nudge, and convert leads quickly and lead to upsells. With our content database, copywriting partners, and expertise, we can quickly write, design, and publish high-quality and on-brand e-books, e-magazines, blog posts, articles, and social media content that can be used as free "value" content that quickly woos leads and creates loyal, revenue-generating customers.

Our Team

Sean Shahkarami photo

Sean Shahkarami

Founder / CEO

Cyan Burkhart photo

Cyan Burkhart

Marketing Coordinator

Katie Frederick

Sales Coordinator

Alex Michael photo

Alex Michael

Chief of Data Science and Analytics


"We were amazed by what the Opilio team was able to do. Not only were they able to do something two other vendors could not do which was create a custom software that fit our very unique business model; they, more importantly, were able to deploy their services in such a way that did not intimidate our staff. We feared a low adoption rate by our staff would impact the results, but Opilio's team was so good working with everyone and making them feel comfortable we are already seeing positive ROI in just a few weeks."

Jon McMahon

Director of Operations