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Growth Era offers Sales Development-as-a-Service. We provide a full-scale, bolt-on Sales Development Department that feeds your pipeline with qualified sales meetings - all for a fraction of the cost of building and managing this critical function in-house.


Account Strategy & Defining Ideal Customer Profiles

We will learn from you who your ideal prospects are during the onboarding phase. Once we have a general overview of the "who" we will go and design a "how".  An assigned Customer Success Manager oversees your account to monitor performance, meet with you regularly to provide feedback & collaboration and continuously refine outreach to achieve optimal results 

List Building & Contact Enrichment

We invest in enterprise-level lead acquisition platforms and perform continuous lead cleansing and contacts expansion through our Sales Development Team. We will source the quality lead volume required for your sales goals

Copy Creation and Testing

We will create and continuously analyze and refine a sales playbook with phone scripts, email campaigns and LinkedIn campaigns, and Sales FAQs to develop a systematic approach for optimizing engagement and meeting conversions 

Multi-channel outreach campaigning

We provide consistent focus and execution through phone outreach, email and LinkedIn as essential components of Sales Development to fill your pipeline with high value sales meetings

SDR Training, Management & Coaching

We hire, train and manage professional SDR talent for proactive outreach and nurturing of leads to generate a funnel of business opportunities

Our Team

Bryce Kaspar photo

Bryce Kaspar

Chief Executive Officer

Darko Davkovski photo

Darko Davkovski

Chief Operating Officer

Filip Popov photo

Filip Popov

VP, Strategic Partnerships

Biljana Damevska photo

Biljana Damevska

VP Operations

Mimi Daminovska photo

Mimi Daminovska

Director of Finance


Reaching out to the ideal customer was always a challenge for us. Having someone raise their hand in this exciting industry is quite difficult. It is a big deal for us in the way Growth Era opened the doors for us in the market and the conversion rates have been massive! We now know the SDR role much better and how much it takes to generate interest. Working with Growth Era on these weekly check-up calls made us aware that our content has to always evolve in order for us to stand out and be competitive. We better understand our product-market fit, our ICP and the message we put out for the stage where we are at.

Chris Freedman image

Chris Freedman

Co-Founder and Managing Partner, OnDefend

Prior to working with Growth Era, we were having quite a difficult time finding and engaging the right contacts. Right now, their ability to zone into exactly what we are looking for from an ideal customer profile and the accuracy with how they do it makes it very easy for us and takes away a lot of mental activity which we can use for other parts of our business. We feel that conversions are imminent and we are looking forward to keeping this machine rolling.

Tom Wright image

Tom Wright

President, SPI Automation

For Collectiv, Growth Era has developed into a very valuable collaborator who has helped us improve the performance and dynamics of lead generation. Since collaborating with Growth Era, we have continued to progress. We are eager to continue to collaborate with Growth Era and further develop our strategy over time. We are extremely satisfied with the service provided by Growth Era and their entire team!

Darren Goonawardana image

Darren Goonawardana

Principal, Collectiv

The Growth Era team is a true extension of our internal sales teams. They brought a fresh perspective, a personalized playbook, and the tools needed to level up our BDR outreach to drive the pipeline our team needed. The current ROI and results speak for themselves.

Adam Lane image

Adam Lane

National Sales Director, Forcura

The idea that by outsourcing our sales development function would not only prove to be a super effective pipeline generation method, but also grow our average deal size by 60% in the first year was a very pleasant surprise.

Brian Fischer image

Brian Fischer

CRO, Security Compliance Associates