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Only 18% of buyers trust salespeople. Let’s change that. Train Your Sales Team to Have Better Conversations, and Generate More Revenue and Pipeline.

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Is your sales team:

  • Struggling to get the attention of your ideal customers
  • Product pitching rather than using customer-centric messaging
  • Unable to convert marketing leads into sales opportunities
  • Getting ghosted after sales demos

We help B2B sales teams start conversations with their ideal prospects, generate qualified meetings and close deals.

We do this through a combination of steps:

  1. Gain a full understanding of your sales cycle and process
  2. Build a sales playbook to be used as a training and onboarding document for your team, and ensure standardised sales messaging and processes across the company
  3. Design relevant, personalised and effective sales cadences including call talk tracks, LinkedIn and email templates, SMS and video scripts, and more
  4. Undergo regular training, coaching and catch-up sessions with your reps and managers, across all aspects of sales, to find out what's working, what's not, and identify opportunities and actionable steps for improvement


B2B Sales Training

  • Struggling to get in front of your ideal customers? 
  • Getting ghosted after sales demos?

The goal of Growth Genie’s B2B sales training program is to teach teams how to consistently meet their quotas.

Working together in a phased engagement, we’ll help you build better messaging and cadences, develop your sales playbook, and then train you and your team on how to use them.

Sales Playbook Development

Your Guide to Capture the Attention of Your Ideal Customers.

Harness the power of consistency and set sales reps up for success with a customized Sales Playbook.

Sales Cadences

The Art of Outreach with Sales Cadence Formulas

If your current sales cadence isn’t producing regular, repeatable results for you, the team at Growth Genie can help.

Our Team

Michael Hanson photo

Michael Hanson

CEO and Founder

Lawrence Jackman photo

Lawrence Jackman

Director of Outbound

Lindsey Ward photo

Lindsey Ward

Graphic Designer

Michael Sanchez photo

Michael Sanchez

Client Trainer

 Katarina McKeever photo

Katarina McKeever

Sales Enablement

Charlie Myers photo

Charlie Myers

Head of Client Content


Proposify increased outbound sales meetings by 6X.


Daniel Hebert, VP of Sales

CARTO’s SDR team meets its outbound sales quota for the 1st time.


Florence Broderick, VP Marketing

DemandZEN books 3X more meetings in 74% less time.


Lynn Wik, VP of Service Delivery

From 0 to 100+ demos in 1 month.


Harriet Christie, Operations, Director

Inbox Health doubles sales meetings generated per month.

Inbox Health

Mike Sheridan, Chief Revenue Officer

Operatix sees a 75% decrease in new SDR onboarding time.


Adam Rangel, Operations, Director

Imvision drove a 61% lift in qualified meetings.


Omer Primor, Imvision’s VP of Marketing

Configit’s new SDR team doubles its opportunities.


Anne Dorthe Gyldenkærne, Chief Marketing Officer

Showell’s SDRs are now steadily reaching target.


Jenna Metsäranta, SDR Manager

AccessPay increases average deal size by 25%.


Caroline Meredith, Sales Director

Railsr generate 400% more outbound meetings.


Phil Widdop, Global VP of Sales Operations

Dext grow revenue by 53%.


John McCann, Head of Practice New Business

JLL increase outbound pipeline with the help of Growth Genie.


Tom Maloney, Executive Managing Director