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I have sold to the NFL, UFC, AT&T, Invesco, as well as many start-ups. I know that producing qualified leads or recruiting top talent is a huge drain on resources so I started my own lead generation/recruiting company.

We have access to over 950 million contacts and can develop persona-based drip marketing campaigns using Emails & LinkedIn automation. We will provide a shorter cycle, tighten the messaging, as well as provide metrics, insights, and consultation.

I have the capacity to safely send over 20,000 emails a month and over 150 LinkedIn Inmails a day for lead generation.  I also added Roundtable Events and a Free Hubspot account to help drive even more revenue for you.

Let’s discuss a strategy that brings in your top 25 accounts in my first 90 days.


Email Automation

  • We use real time data to inform and measure our approach to your market
  • We tweak messaging that works and adjust to reduce spam
  • Qualified and actionable lead generation with 15% to 30% average open rates
  • Data broken down by messaging, industry, location, personas, etc..
  • Branding and Impressions of your message to up to 20,000 emails per month  

LinkedIn Automation

  • Up to 150 inmails or invites a day
  • Sequencing messaging
  • Endorsing contacts
  • Profile Extractor
  • Invite to follow your organization

Round Table Automation

  • Be seen as a connector
  • Build up a following
  • Easy to set up 
  • Thought Leadership
  • Build leads and referrals

Our Team

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Michael Falato


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Cynthia Falato



Full Throttle Falato Leads has helped us cut through the noise of the market and effectively reach and engage key decision makers to open conversations. Overall we have been able to accelerate the prospecting process significantly and generate meaningful initial conversations at a very reasonable price point. They are a must for any technology company that wants to grow their business.

John Petrocelli image

John Petrocelli

Founder and CEO, Bulldog DM

My organization has engaged Michael Falato and team at FTF to assist with Business Development and name recognition as we aggressively go after the large Enterprise Market. It has allowed me to do a deep sigh of relief knowing that he is continuing to spread the word about Arya by Leoforce far and wide, filling the top of the funnel so I can do my deep dives into incoming leads and prospects. Thanks to all of you for your work on this.

Katrina (Smart) Paglierani  image

Katrina (Smart) Paglierani

Enterprise Sales-Leoforce

Michael Falato and Full Throttle Falato Leads are pros at lead generation. They pay attention to details and generate consistent results. Aaron Ross's Predictable Revenue™ Inc. is the bible of how to generate predictable growth. Full Throttle Falato Leads implements the strategies outlined in the book and delivers predictable revenue.

Michael Goldstein image

Michael Goldstein

Founder at SwitchPitch

I partner with clients to turn them into high performing machines. Contact for Keynote speaker, guest lecturer, and board of director opportunities.
I partnered with Michael to support my business 4 years ago. He was critical in our success, and provided great insight to the challenges we were facing. Since then I have referred him to several clients all of whom had results which exceeded their expectations.
Don't be fooled by the fly by night lead gen companies out there. Your company's reputation is too important. The only regret you will have with Full Throttle Leads is that you waited to use them.

Jay Sanderson image

Jay Sanderson

Three Twenty Two Group - Founder

Michael in one word - tenacious. One of the best pros at prospecting that I have ever had the privilege of working with. With a passion for delivering on his commitment and a laser-like focus to exceed your goals, you can't go wrong by partnering with Full Throttle Falato.

Pete Sanidas image

Pete Sanidas

SVP & Head of Sales Jobvite

I've known Michael for over 10 years and worked with him on several different projects. When he started Full Throttle, I knew it was the perfect idea for him and his background. Since then, I've hired him at two different agencies where he's helped us generate leads, opportunities and business. I would recommend him to any business looking to accelerate growth through lead capture and digital marketing.

John Capano image

John Capano

Managing Director / Chief Client Officer @ The Ev&Ex Agency


United States
United Kingdom
South Africa