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Experts in Lead Intelligence Process Optimization for Apollo & HubSpot

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We help you increase the value of your investment in Apollo. Together with Apollo and HubSpot, we synchronize outbound sales and inbound marketing efforts. If you're looking to rapidly accelerate the success of your sales efforts and create seamless, automated processes, Blue Frog is the partner for you.

The reason technology investments sometimes fail is directly related to how teams use them. The focus of our team is to help you develop platform proficiency, to ensure utilization of Apollo, and facilitate ROI. It is a simple concept and equation for success:

Proficiency + Utilization + Optimization = ROI

Blue Frog is a HubSpot Elite Partner, the highest and most exclusive distinction a HubSpot partner agency can attain, and held by less than 1% of all partners worldwide. 


Lead Intelligence Process Optimization

Specialized in analysis, review, strategic consulting, and training to boost your results with Apollo. Platform configuration services to synchronize with your marketing processes, and drive team utilization.

Sales Process Consulting

Offering you an experienced senior executive team with deep first-hand experience designing, deploying and managing processes to drive sales and marketing success. 

CRM Strategy Consulting

Blue Frog is highly skilled at aligning Apollo's lead intelligence capabilities to your CRM's sales and marketing capabilities to help you meet your goals and objectives. 

HubSpot Implementation Services

Providing you a team of HubSpot consultants experienced in rapid deployment and alignment with your strategic business objectives.


"Blue Frog has helped us target, engage, and convert our ideal clients. Inbound leads and revenue have both grown significantly since working with the Blue Frog team."

WRP Wealth Management

Strategic Consulting increases lead flow and drives revenue growth

"We are extremely impressed with Blue Frog and the HubSpot platform and are excited to continue to enhance user experience and content development to drive new leads and search engine rankings."

ICI - Infrared Cameras Inc.

Partnering for success drives business growth

"Before Blue Frog implemented the address verification process into our workflow, many of our customers were not receiving their campaign resources due to a variety of reasons, from human errors to missing address information. With help from Blue Frog, we were able to seamlessly integrate software into our order forms, resulting in a more positive experience for our customers. This solution was an improvement not only for our customers but for our team as well. It eliminated the need to manually track down correct address information, incur additional shipping costs from resending packages, and more!"


Process Optimization increases sales and marketing efficiency

"The business intelligence from new forecasts and automated dashboards has been a tremendous tool for our leadership team to make decisions with quickly"


Optimized data enhances business decision-making